Residual Income Plan for Agents

Financial Rewards for Recruitment

Wolverton & Co. rewards its sales agents with a downstream income plan for each referred agent that joins and sells for Wolverton. Through our Residual Income Plan, you can receive income from every transaction generated by sponsored agents on an ongoing basis—even into retirement. It's our way of acknowledging your company investment and ensuring you benefit in the ongoing success at Wolverton.

Here's how our program works:

Transaction Residuals

When a salesperson is introduced to management and recruited by Wolverton,
each transaction they close generates a gross commission-based bonus payable
to the individual who sponsored them into the company. The bonus is paid via
Wolverton's corporate office, and not subtracted from the new recruit's commissions.
And bonuses continue perpetually for as long as the new recruit stays with Wolverton and generates sales.

Retirement Residuals

Should a "Wolverton" salesperson decide to retire from selling real estate, bonuses are still earned and paid as long as recruited agents remain with Wolverton and generate sales. The retiring salesperson also retains the privilege of enhancing their income stream while in retirement by continuing to sponsor new sales people into the company.

Beneficiary Residuals

The sponsoring bonuses you have created turn into a beneficiary residual, providing added security for your family. In other words, you never lose earned residuals as they are turned into income for your family.

Residual Income Bonus Schedule

Below is a table that outlines the percentage of gross commissions that can be earned through our Residual Income Plan based on the agent's compensation plan with Wolverton.

Agent CMM Split Transaction Residual Retirement Residual Beneficiary Residual
60/40 10% 7% 5%
70/30 8% 5% 3%
90/10 4% 2% 1.5%

The more agents sponsored into Wolverton, the more you increase your potential for greater residual income. As long as you and your referred associates remain with Wolverton, you continue to earn bonus commissions—even into retirement!

Isn't it time to supplement your commissions and gain a greater share of company profits? The residual income will give you and your family added financial security, today, tomorrow and into retirement. It's an especially smart decision for individuals making the final business decisions of their real estate careers.

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